My 2 years old maltese gets agressive with me

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First of all, my mom refuses to take her to a trainer, she says we have no money for it.

My dog is usually affectionate, and friendly. I think she likes my brother and mother more, but she doesn't hate me. She is happy when i'm home, asking me to pet her (literally pushes my hand to herself with her pawn) , rarely, but sometimes gives kiss, hops in my lap, etc.

So the issue: She sometimes snaps at me. Like from 0 to 100. (You need to note, that these are rather rare occurences, and it is an unusual, but sill existing behavior. It happens about twice a month at most)

Back then i thought this was because i invaded her space, when she didn't want me to, and everyone else told me so. So last time when she did this i backed up, and left her alone. She ended up following me, and biting at my face (Not real bite tho)

She got scolded by my brother for it. She was sad after that for almost an hour, and took a nap.

After that, she didn't bit, but pushed the side of her mouth to my hand/face and lifted it. When she is lifting the side of her mouth it usually means she's ready to bite.

For example: It was bedtime, she followed me to my room, hopped in my bed, at my pillow, where i always sleep. I lay next to her, and she is seemingly alright.

I'm checking my phone, and the next thing i notice that she is pushing the side of her mouth to mine, snarling. ( I could feel I know she was not sniffing it, cause she tends to do that, and it was completely different. )

I got up immediatly, and looked at her. She gave me a hard stare, and growled at me. What should i do in a situation like this?
Should i leave? Should i calmly scold her?

I want to show her that i'm not tolerating this behavior. She is free to leave anytime to have her own space, if she growls at me , i won't approach. I respect her boundaries, but biting at me, and coming at me? I can't allow her that, no matter how much i love her. Not to mention i need to sleep somewhere.

I also tend to get frustrated, times like this. I love her very much. And she is literally the sweetest dog, except times like this.

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