My 2 y/o Maltese suddenly lost enthusiasm for his meals and doesnt eat them right away. But he will for my husband?

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This past week I noticed in the morning my 2 year old Maltese doesn't bother with his breakfast when I put it down. At least not right away.

The routine goes like this: "Is Marty a hungry boy"? [Marty does his spins and goes and waits by his bowl]

When I put his bowl down he's already inhaling what I put down and then all is good

This week he just looks at it, sniffs it and walks away. But he EVENTUALLY eats it. Just not right away.

But when my husband puts it down he goes right to it

I haven't made meal time a negative experience at all for him to behave like this.

He's not ill either or has any health problems.

Is this just a silly phase he's going through?

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