My 2 Australian Shepherds don’t want to play together outside in the yard

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I've got a 3 year old and 1 year old Australian Shepherd. I'm sure many of you are aware they can be pretty clingy! The older dog was raised in an apartment for the first 2 years of her life so pretty much doesn't understand the concept of going outdoors without a leash, except for necessities. We moved to a house with a yard about a year ago. The younger dog has therefore always had a yard and therefore loves to roam around and explore.

The dogs love to play together which is exactly what we wanted when we got the 2nd. However, once older dog has finished her business outside, she will stand at the door and wait to be let in – so all of their playing together (which can be pretty vigorous) happens inside because she refuses to play with the younger dog outside (even though he keeps trying to engage her!). We've just had a child and would love to be able to just put the dogs outside and have them play together rather than have them barreling around our feet while holding a tiny baby. I was hoping by now the older dog would have got used to having a yard, but that has not happened – she's just incredibly attached to me and my wife.

Any ideas on how to encourage the dogs to play outside without needing to watch us 24/7? They're both very happy to play together in the yard when one of us is out there with them.

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