My 16 week old is biting me when he’s frustrated

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This morning, he drew blood. Ugh, I feel like crying from my own frustration and pain.

I was walking with him after breakfast and on our way back, he started to pull and run. I immediately stopped so he would know pulling doesnt get him what he wants and would start again when he would walk with me. I did this about 4 times and he started growling at me and going after my ankles. I was shortening the lease at arms length so he couldnt bite my ankles and then he decided to go after my hand. I assumed he was tuckered out from the walk and our morning play time so I put him in his crate as calmly as I could.

When I try to make sure he is getting exercise, I take him out for a walk. For the last few days, he just plops down, stares at me and wont budge. I lure him with treats by my side and that seems to work but the second he gets the treat for moving 4 steps towards me, he sits again. This isnt how he always is, its like he is on both extremes. Statue VS Running and Pulling.

We stick to a good schedule and got his potty breaks down! He also plays well with us and starting to socialize more with doggie day care two days per week. I'm trying to focus on the good parts right now. My puppy blues is causing some anxiety and tears. Has anyone else's furry demon done this? Bites when frustrated? What helped?

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