My 15 Week Old Puppy Will Not Stop Biting

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Hi everyone, so my parents got an adorable lab puppy at 8 weeks, his name is Beau. He is beautiful and very smart, but he will. not. stop. biting. Every one of us has marks up and down our arms from his needle teeth, and he’s drawn blood on each of us. My mother (his primary caretaker), is exhausted and frustrated. No matter what we have tried, he still won’t stop biting. We’ve tried yelping and ignoring, a stern “no,” holding his mouth closed for a couple seconds, patting his snout (I know this one is a bad method, but no one knew what else to do), putting him outside, redirecting with toys, etc. The toys don’t work very well because he prefers biting hands. He is our fourth lab, so my parents are not new to this game. In fact, my mom is a great dog trainer, and beau is doing so well in everything else. Now they are looking into obedience classes, which I think could be great. However, my mom has mentioned, in a frustrated moment, sending him away for training, which I don’t think they would ultimately be happy doing. I know a lot of people do that, but I’d hate to see him shipped off.

Anyone have any advice? We love our little guy but are at a loss.

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