My 11 week pup pees whenever he doesn’t want to be confined to a specific room or his crate

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Like the title says. He's too smart/stubborn & has figured out that if he doesn't want to be in my daughter's bedroom with her, he'll squeeze out a little urine (even if he just came in from pottying outside) so that she'll take him outside again & he'll get to play elsewhere while she cleans up. Same if we put him in the crate to try a forced nap when he really needs one. He'll pee just a little, then make sure to walk through it so we'll take him out to clean him up. It's gotten to the point where my daughter is crying because she wants the pup upstairs with her, but knows he'll pee as soon as she takes him up. We've tried having toys that are only for her bedroom/crate & making the bedroom more interesting by hiding treats/kibble and always end up with the same result. Ideas?

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