music on walk for anxious/fearful dog?

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We have a anxious/fearful rescue (1yr old Aussie Shep Mix) that we adopted about 2 months ago. She’s slowly coming out of shell little by little, generally hanging out in her (open) kennel most the day.

I’m a musician (or I used to be lol) and we’ve noticed her being very calm and chill whenever I play guitar around her or when we just play music in the house in general. She just relaxes and will even face us and make plenty of eye contact; ears totally relaxed.

She does well on our walks in the backyard. She still has major fear when the neighbors dogs come out and start barking up to the fence…or when she hears something irregularly close to our fences; she’ll try and call it quits right away and go back in.

Eventually we’d like to graduate to full on walks around the neighborhood but are far from that point at the moment. We’d like to have her professionally trained and get her socialized too (she’s currently recovering from heartworm treatment).

THAT ALL BEING SAID, my point is I have a theory that a pleasant auditory distraction on our “walks” may help her become even more confident in our backyard and eventually we can work on expanding her territory and opening the world to her!

Does anybody kick jams while walking outside to chill out their doggo??? I’m trying later!

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