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I just brought home a rescue pit mix about 5 years old, I have three cats and they have lived with dogs prior ( I had another pit mix rescue that I had to put down a while ago). The dog I have currently Murray has had exposure to cats but it’s unclear if he lived With them before. We have kept them in separate rooms since his arrival last week. I can tell they are both interested in each other as the cats smell and stop in front of the door. Murray senses this and will bark. When I take him out out on walks, and I have to pass through the “cat lands” he pulls and wants to smell the cats scent and seeks them out even though they are hiding. I let him smell and give treats when he doesn’t bark and started to feed them on opposites sides of the door so they can get used to each other smells. I have a trainer coming next week but any other tips or tricks you guys might have would be awesome ! My last pit from day one didn’t care about the cats and they would just do their own thing so having to introduce cats to a dog is a new thing for me!!

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