Multiple dog bites because of hyperdog

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I have a 7 month old male red labrador which my sister bought when he was just 3 months old. I took care of him, and he was smart. He learned a lot of tricks when he reached 4 months old and he was always exercising by walking and fetching toys one to two hours a day. However, when he reached the 5th to his 7th month, his teething caused problems for me to handle him again. He bites me whenever we go outside because he wants to run very fast and I can't keep up with his pace. He also bites and goes berserk when he sees his leash being brought and attached to him. I have brought him a lot of toys but he doesn't care to play with them anymore. He also hates being in the crate whenever I leave for work that he destroyed it. How should I continue to train him and walk him properly without getting bitten?

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