Moving = back to square one with crate training?

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Remus is 5 months old. We’ve had him since he was 8 weeks and since then, we’ve had him crate trained. Of course at first there was the typical whining and barking, but he eventually learned to settle down and sleep at night. We had him in the corner of our bedroom, and he started going in by himself every night.

We have recently moved from our apartment to a new house, and since the bedrooms here have carpet, we’ve decided that we’d like to keep the dogs out of the bedrooms here, so we moved his crate to the living room of the new house. It’s 5:30 AM as I’m typing this, and we’ve barely slept for 2 nights now. Remus is currently in the living room throwing the most hellacious tantrum possible. We went to bed at 10, and he went ballistic for about 2 hours, slept for about an hour from around 12 to 1, and then has been going wild since then. It’s a hundred times worse than when we started crate training him. Not only is he barking, but he’s violently thrashing around and shaking the crate as well. I got up around 4 and took him out once to pee, but that’s the only time we’ve even gone to give him any attention at all.

What on earth should we do at this point? I feel like we’re back at the beginning of crate training, except he’s a lot older and more persistent now.

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