Moved house – Dog barks at everyone/everything

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So this is an issue we’ve been dealing with for a few months, and we could really use some help.

Firstly, the dog is a male Cockapoo, just over 1 year old.

Where we lived before was basically silent, and there were basically no neighbours.

Now, we live in a slightly busier area. Every so often, people will walk past the house or past the garden (which is on the side of the house).

He’s taken to barking like crazy and sprinting along the garden, jumping up at the fence at anyone that walks passed.

He’ll do the same in our street facing kitchen window. To the point where he’s literally jumping at the window, which I’m actually worried about him breaking!

Any help to lessen this would be super appreciated! We’re currently taking him to obedience classes, but they don’t really cover this, but since I work from home, this is driving me insane!

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