Move to New Zealand? US migration asks rise 24 -fold after referendum period

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Immigration website takes tighten as thousands of Americans explore their options away from countries around the world that will be led by Donald Trump

The election of Donald Trump as Americas next chairperson has sent shockwaves around the globe and was instrumental in a rush of interest from Americans in immigrating to New Zealand.

In the past 24 hours, the website of Immigration New Zealand( INZ) received 56,300 sees from the US a huge rise on its daily average of 2,300. Within the same period, more than 7,000 Americans registered interest in moving to New Zealand, which is more than redouble the monthly average.

Similar spikes of interest in New Zealand were noted by INZ from Britons in the months after Brexit, with New Zealand seen as an ideal resettlement person due to its shared cultural biography with Britain.

The New Zealand Now website which contains detailed information on living, labor, investigating and the investment in New Zealand received 70,500 visits from the US in the past 24 hours, or 69,000 more than its daily average.

The surge in fascinate from Americans in moving to New Zealand began a few months before the US presidential election, with twice the level of task insured compared with a year before.

New Zealand has already seen its highest levels of in-migration on enter in 2016, and Kiwis were quick required in order to Twitter and jokingly defend their borders.

Taika Waititi (@ TaikaWaititi)

Don’t even think about moving to New Zealand. You shat the bunk , now you have to deal with the mess.

November 9, 2016

Toby Manhire (@ toby_etc)

please redeploy immediately to all margin entry points, @NZDefenceForce

November 9, 2016

Jolisa Gracewood (@ nzdodo)

Text from cousin in Illinois: he’s watching puppies on Animal Planet and doing laundry so he’ll have clean clothes to jam-pack. @MovingToEnZed

November 9, 2016

And New Zealands media indicated much of the surprise, startle and gumption of foreboding that peculiarity on front pages around the world.

Dominion Post (@ DomPost)

Our front page today. YGEMxfy5Tw

November 9, 2016

In the year to June, 1,288 Americans were approved to take up residence in New Zealand, 8,876 Americans were approved for drive visas and 2,997 Americans successfully applied for student visas.

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