(Mostly) house trained puppy peeing inside suddenly

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2 weeks ago we got our 14 week old English Pointer puppy, and he has mostly been a dream, aside from him generally just being a playful puppy and wanting to chew everything!

He was basically house trained when we got him from the breeder, and he was whining when he wanted to go outside every single time, and we’d take him and he’d do his business no problem.

We didn’t have any messes inside at all until the last 3 days. Once where I thought I’d just left it too long and by then he’d gone inside (as I was putting my shoes on to take him downstairs) but today alone he’s pooped inside once, peed inside 3 times (in the same area) and none of those times did he whine or let us know he needed to go. Each time I calmly cleaned it up, took him outside and all was well afterwards, but the last 2 times were within the same hour!!

The only thing that has changed is we’ve upped his food intake due to the vet telling us he is a little underweight. It’s dry food, so obviously he drinks a lot, and he gets quite a lot of exercise in the garden which makes him thirsty too.

He’s currently napping in his crate and I’ll take him outside as soon as I let him out, as usual, but now I’m scared he will take to peeing inside and do it all the time 🙁

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!

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