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We have a two year old fully intact Lurcher who is too stubborn for his own good, hence the title. He’s sweet at home, knows commands, plays well with our mastiff cross (14 months) and is definitely the prince of the house hold.

His main flaw is when we are out for walks: He decides at random which dogs he doesn’t like and will bark at them (even from across the field), rear up when we try to pull him away or will just stand/sit in place until the other dog is out of view. We’ve tried to scold him, reassure him with niceness (before his reactivity), ignore the situation so as not to reinforce his reactivity, nothing seems to work. It’s hard to know what dogs he will or will not take a liking to until he suddenly reacts. He also refuses to come back when called whenever he is let off – he likes to sniff at his own pace and will follow only when he feels like it, he is likely to take off and run towards dogs and people (but no aggression when he’s off lead so far). He just doesn’t listen and likes to get away with as much as possible. He knows his name, he knows to come to us when called, we’ve tried various different approaches and yet it is always down to whether he feels like listening or not.

He has no treat motivation, he isn’t bothered about toys, he’s very much a free spirit but we are worried that something bad could happen if we don’t manage to fix this issue.

Pre-lockdown he was not a problem and could play with most dogs without worry, whereas once lockdown happened we stopped letting him off so much unless the park was completely empty, so as not to risk contamination from interacting with strangers and their dogs, we’re worried this has been a factor in making him reactive but he has always been a stubborn boy in returning back to us when we call.

Our mastiff cross is brilliant off the lead and we were hoping that our Lurcher would be able to see him do well and copy, however this has not been the case. We do have a another local park that has a fenced off area however he always seems bored and just waits by the gate after a sniff about.

What more can we do to help this problem? (Any help is extremely appreciated)

tl;dr : Lurcher is reactive to other dogs at random and chooses to ignore recall tactics. He isn’t food or toy motivated (regardless of how high value treat is), we are stuck on what to do aside from not letting him off anymore (which is a last resort)

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