Most people don’t believe that humans can be rehabilitated, so why would they believe that dogs can be rehabilitated?

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My guy is a 1-2 y/o shelter vet. He has excellent obedience, recall, loyal, perfectly potty trained, dog social, you name it.

During covid, I have had to move him around a lot, which I'm sure caused him some stress. When I was living at home with my parents, he made a poor choice on two occasions (barked/nipped, didn't break skin). Both times, clearly over aroused by loud noises + erratic movements from newish people other than his main human (me). I immediately got to work with an animal behaviorist, desensitizing and counter-conditioning with mat training and relaxation techniques. He's been an excellent student.

But what has been FASCINATING is to see how quickly everyone around me has written him off as beyond repair, aggressive. My mom even sent me articles about behavioral euthanasia. She tells me "that dog is going to kill you." My best friend refuses to ever come to my house and even laughed at me for asking if he could play with her (extremely reactive and dog aggressive) GSD because she said she feared for her dog's safety.

I couldn't figure out if the short compassion/sympathy span was due to his breed. The logic that seems most on point is this. I'm from the U.S. where we have 25% of the world's incarcerated people, deprive them of all employment and civic opportunities once released, over-surveil their every move. People abandon family members. People guffaw at a need for more available mental health services.

If the humans don't even give each other empathy, how can I expect them to give it to my dog?

Humans really suck.

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