Most Dangerous Dogs

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Leading 10 Pleasant Pet dogs On the planet:



Leading 10 Toughest Dog Attack Pressures:

8. Fighter
It might be difficult to envision this playful type ever being hostile sufficient to injure a kid, but Fighters are in charge of 19 kid injuries and strikes. Their dimension and also power leaves children in
danger from early stage till they are roughly One Decade old as well as able to apply authority over the pet dog.

7. Chow Chow
These fuzzy puppies have such a track record for attacking and also attacking humans, that several insurance provider will not cover Chow Chows, because they are known for being short-tempered and also harmful pet dogs. This breed has actually been associated with 37 strikes on kids because 1982.

6. Bullmastiff
Though these have actually been called "gentle giants" by several, Bullmastiffs' big stature and also low tolerance for kids and also rough-housing make them a hazard to youngster safety and security. There have actually been 42 attacks or attacking occurrences on document.

5. Akita Inu
This type can consider up to 130 extra pounds, making the strong pets quite a force to be considered. If they really feel unsure of what a youngster is trying to do, the Akita Inu might regard them as a danger
and also attack. Over 43 children struggled with bites and also injuries triggered by these hostile pet dogs.

4. Siberian Husky
Like the Alaskan Malamute, these sledding pet dogs are swift-moving pack pets that can be imperious to any individual who isn't considered as a leader. They have lots of power and also enjoy jumping as well as playing about, which could place youngsters at risk. In around thirty years, there have actually been virtually 50 reported strikes and also
injuries from Siberian Huskies.

3. German Guard
These intelligent pets place as one of the leading 10 favored dog breeds in The U.S.A., yet the powerful type can cause injury or adverse behaviors if they are left bored or ignored. Though these dedicated pets make remarkable pet dogs, it would be best to stay clear of real estate them with children, considering that 63 strikes have occurred with German Guards.

2. Rottweiler
Despite the loved one popularity of the kids's publications "Great Dog, Carl" which focuses around a Rottweiler that takes care of a young girl named Madeline, Rottweilers are the second most hazardous
type of dog for youngsters. Due to their level of sensitivity to piercing noises, Rottweilers have actually been recognized to strike screaming or screaming kids a stunning 290 times in the last Thirty Years.

1. American Pit Bull Terrier
There is no question about it, these pet dogs were reproduced to attack, and are by far one of the most harmful pet type to possess. Though many family pet proprietors urge that their sweet Pit Bull would not harm a fly, it is
tough to overlook the realities concerning the amount of injuries, strikes and also deaths take place because of this breed.American Pit Bull Terriers have actually viciously assaulted youngsters over 1,114 times from 1982-2013.

Though Pit Bulls comprise just a min 6 % of the canine population, they cause virtually 70% of all dog assaults, and also over 52% of all dog-attack fatalities. Though the breed does have several faithful supporters, accountable moms and dads should certainly highly reconsider preferring to jeopardize the lives of their family members by buying an American Pit Bull Terrier.

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55 thoughts on “Most Dangerous Dogs

  1. Davin Davin

    hey who ever made the samsung phone top that is awesome like really i want
    to be your friend.

    1. Blake Adolph

      @Jack, I’ve got a Dutch Shepherd as a service dog. He was a schutzhund
      flunky, did not want to bite and hold. Which Dutch Shepherds are an
      “aggressive breed” however my 1 year old has stepped on his neck while he
      is sleeping, walked on his chest and he hasn’t taken a bite out of the baby
      at all. It all depends on how you raise the animal and if you are proven
      alpha or not. For example.. I am alpha over my service dog, so if he tries
      to play we can play but when I say it’s over it’s over, there is no more
      playing. So yeah there is their natural instincts but discipline and
      training can overcome any bit of it.

    2. Blake Adolph

      BTW…. All of these dogs are in Schutzhund training… If the dog has the
      high energy drive and has that prey drive.. then that’s what you see here.

    3. Beleza Africana 😍😙

      I want a serval cat and a savannah cat but its very expensive and you need
      to be well trained to own a serval.

  2. Sloth from The Goonies

    German Shepherds actually rank very low in terms of aggression and
    shouldn’t be considered a dangerous breed at all. They are just a very
    powerful breed that has the potential to be dangerous if you’re a crap
    owner who mistreats it.

    1. ᴋʀɪsᴛɪɴᴀa̸n̸d̸s̸t̸u̸f̸f̸

      very true, I grew up with a gsd and It was the best dog anyone could ask
      for, and they saved so many lives in the whole world being police, army,
      protection dogs. They are strong enough to protect people and make amazing
      pets. Some people just didnt treat them right or were not breed responsibly
      a lot of options but yeah they are not known to be aggressive

    2. Charlie And Lola

      ᴋʀɪsᴛɪɴᴀa̸n̸d̸s̸t̸u̸f̸f̸ well so is the Belgian Malinois it’s was the breed
      that helped take down osama bin laden and is the most popular military dog
      especially with the navy seals

  3. John doe

    I have an all black German Shepherd female weighing in at 110lbs , she’s
    truly the sweetest most loyal dog I have ever owned. BUT….. if she senses
    me in danger from a person and I give a “gettem command” she will fucking
    destroy you. It’s never happened but im confident this is 100% accurate.

    1. John doe

      +hr1m I’m always stopped by the local police when I’m walking so they can
      see her and ask me about her. She’s well known by my towns police , they
      love her !

    2. Charlie And Lola

      hr1m nope it’s not great genes it’s just your dog has been over bred to
      look a certain way which causes health problems .which is why I prefer
      Belgian Malinois since they are much healthier and energetic breed

    1. aaron vandereyk

      I have worked with many boxers. it’s not that they are aggressive with
      people, but they are extremely aggressive with other dogs!

    2. Lozza j

      +aaron vandereyk sorry meant to say i disagree with boxers having problems
      with other animals /dogs …mine had hamsters on him cats giving
      birth…kittens and a timy dog that was his best mate just stating a fact
      he loved and kissed them all

    3. Caitlyn Adams

      +aaron vandereyk Not true, it’s all on how they are socialized. I have a 9
      year old Boxer who is really friendly with other dogs. However she does
      tend to be overly protective. One time while I was walking her there was
      another dog that escaped its yard and tried coming at me. The most my dog
      did was bark and lunge at it to keep it away, not once sinking her teeth
      into it. All in all though when it comes down to it all she will want to do
      is play. Even at her old age she can be like a three year old child.

    4. Greta Cat Awesome

      They’re not saying that ALL dogs of that particular species are dangerous.
      They’re saying that the majority of them are and for example if you saw one
      walking down the road and your by yourself, you’re most likely to get hurt
      considering you don’t know them.

  4. EverWolf111

    I have a GSD husky mix and he is the sweetest, goofiest dog you will ever
    meet. He only bit me a lot when he was teething, which every puppy goes
    through btw. This list is pure bullshit. My friend has a pitbull and my
    other has a Rottweiler and they are extremley awesome. Great with kids and
    dogs! These dogs attack other people and animals because several reasons,
    they aren’t socialized, and they weren’t trained to control their

    1. chubby walrus

      It all depends on how you raise them but what this video was trying to
      prove is that if you raise a naturally sweet dog and one on this list, with
      the exact same care and love, chances are, the naturally aggressive one
      will bite you before the other one

    2. pitbull 101

      EverWolf111 the reason my pit bull bit someone was they punched me In the
      chest they are just protective over his own

  5. Sibongiseni Mbatha

    my friend told me that: if you come back late at home at like 6pm, your
    pitbull will have forgotten you and it will attack you

    1. Justin Stuart

      +Sibongiseni Mbatha yeah man he’s bout that BS…. dogs aren’t like oh!!
      its 6pm ima bite the hell outta you…but if you came earlier i

    1. Charlie And Lola

      aafaq khan because Siberian huskies are working dogs and they have a lot of
      energy to pull sleds sometimes so much energy that they take it out on
      their owners

  6. Charlie And Lola

    PITBULLS aren’t inherently agressive dumass it’s all in how you raise them
    and pitbulls where bred to be animal agressive and human friendly

  7. hurt animal abusers paws

    whoever made this video obviosly has never owned a dog and they assume
    every attack is to blame on the dogs breed. well i have a fact for you:
    theres no bad dogs, only bad owners.

  8. GoldMine Insanity

    It’s a pity that because of videos or dogs like these,those f Chinese or
    Asians kill or torture other “innocent” dogs.Even if there are no dangerous
    dogs,but dangerous owners.Actually,men are the most dangerous animals on

  9. Jack56781

    unbelievable of cource you would put the pit bull as number one every one
    fucking thinks there so vicious, any dog can be dangerous


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