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We just recently adopted a puppy. (Turns out he's 6-7 months old and not 5 as we had assumed.) Every morning between 6-8 am, which is when everyone is getting ready for work/Uni, making breakfast and so on, the pup gets super hyper. Starts biting everyone, scratching everyone and suddenly coming out of nowhere and almost making everyone fall. He gets between the legs and tries to climb on everyone's pant. When picked up, he bites and scratches until released.

He gets his breakfast at 6 ( or he won't let anyone live.). We tried to excercise and play with him by making him run across the rooms, using his favourite toys, tug of war and so on. He persists for a while then runs away to sleep, only to come back few minutes later to disturb everyone.

Honestly, we have no idea what to do. We can't take him to the garden because he's just got his first shot. Today we leashed him so he atleast stays in one place.( it's been 10 minutes and he's still crying…)

Any idea on how to deal with it?

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