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A bit of background, we have had our 7 month lab since he was 12 weeks. As always with a new puppy that young, the first couple weeks were strange for him with plenty of barking at night which we ignored to stop him barking for attention. This worked really well, in fact a little too well. He wouldn’t bark to go the toilet so would mess his bed every night. I should point out that his other parts of toilet training went well, only night was a problem.

This went on until about a month ago when he decided to let us know when he wanted the toilet (yay right?) at 4:30 every morning. If we go straight down and take him out, he is clean, if we take a few mins to get up, it’s too late.

This is all great until he now knows that barks mean us coming down and he wants to chill with us, even if he just sleeps.

So things we have tried: • ignoring the barks (the poor neighbours) but he can go on for an hour by which point we have to eat up for work anyway • scolding him. Surprise surprise this does not work – I know •making sure the 4:30 toilet break is super boring

Would really appreciate any help or advice, at this point I am contemplating holding out till his bladder can last all night and he doesn’t need any breaks?

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