Mixing Vodka& Emotions Could Be Making Your Hangovers Worse

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January is arguably the worst month to ever prevail. Its fucking frigid , nobody makes out presents, and after being on the verge of blackout every day between Thanksgiving and New Years Day, the collective hangover candidly feels like it might kill me. But apparently, that hangover isnt just from all the vodka. Harmonizing to a new survey, emotional hangovers are a thing.

Ill spare you the details because theyre boring AF, but heres the short form. In a study published in , psychologists showed parties a knot of emotional and non-emotional( aka bearing) portraits. One group recognized the psychological images before the neutral ones; the other group ensure them in the opposite tell. A few hours later, they came back for a recognition test about the epitomes theyd seen earlier that day.

The first groupthe one that identified the emotional epitomes firstwere better at recalling neutral personas, and not because theyre geeks or anything.( Although women wholly might be; why else would anyone volunteer for research studies ?) When psychologists looked at the brain scans taken during the study, they found that the activity associated with emotional personas carried forward even after the images were removed. Basically, the emotional state lasted after the cause of the excitement was long gone, and this helped parties recollect the non-emotional likeness unless they are testified afterward.

So apparently when I have to turn off ASPCA commercials because they give me too many looks about puppies and devastate my reputation as a heartless betch, thats an emotional hangover. It likewise explains why are always very fucking cranky for the first few weeks of the yearits left open from being forced to invest basically an entire month with our families and scaping running into beings from high school.

Here’s a solution to the madness: Go buy some shitty wine and distract yourself with a real hangover.

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