Missing steps/instructions in Potty Training a puppy?

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My corgi is 4 months old and I still don't trust her being alone in a big space (living room, my room, anywhere outside her crate unsupervised). So far she knows not to poop or pee in her crate, but I can't even put her in her playpen without fear of her having an accident.

What I understand about potty training with a crate is that the crate helps teach the puppy not to poop in it's own space or "den". The end goal is to get the puppy to understand that the entire house is its "den" and not to poop or pee in it. However, I feel like I'm missing a step between where I am and where I want to be; having a house-broken pup.

What am I missing here? Will the puppy just one day realize to hold it until we are outside or do I have to actively teach it something?

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