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At what point did your puppy start sleeping until woken up by you? Hera is 13 weeks and sometimes I'm worried our need to get to work is messing with good crate habits. If she fusses in her crate and we know she's fine, she stays. If she wakes us up at 3 in the morning (thankfully rare) she gets a no-fun potty trip.

But she tends to wake up either just before 6am when our alarms go off, or the sounds of us getting up start her barking and screaming. We can't just give her a no-fun potty break or wait her out, we have to get to work. So in the morning she does get out while fussing, though I make her sit for me before I open the crate. Is that once a day thing messing with her? I'm not sure there's anything we can do on that point to keep reinforcing you do not get out for making a fuss.

Also she is capable some days on the weekend of sleeping in till 7 or 7:30. But this morning she started screaming at about 6:10. We let her fuss a while as though we were doing our normal morning stuff upstairs then let her out because it was so close to her weekday wakeup time I didn't want to allow for an accident just to prove a point. But we've had her sleep in before.

Is sleeping in something she will get better at as she grows, or is there something better we can do with her sleep hygiene? Not asking to sleep till 9 but we're both exhausted and being able to wake up without a screaming shiba would be a huge help on our frayed nerves. Thanks!

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