(Misc Help) puppy would wake us up too early every morning

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Hi! I have a 7 months old beagle, she’s a very sweet girl and very energetic. My issue right now is that since I got her she wakes us up at 6:30 every morning to go to pee, which is great cause that means no pee in the room, when she was smaller as soon as she got up we would go running to take her for a pee cause potty training, but now that she’s getting older and can hold it better it would be nice to have some more hours of sleep.

Her routine consist:

Wake up at 6:30am, boyfriend gets up to go to work and takes her for a quick walk to pee and then leaves her in her crate. When it’s the weekend or he has days off I have to take her down I get up around 7:30 – 8 to give her breakfast, then walk her to first morning poop and then I’m off to work. When I’m not working I give her a mid morning walk for pee. When I’m at work she stays in her crate and I guess a lot of sleep. I come back from around 2 or 3pm give her food and walkie again. Also mid afternoon walk before dinner and usual mid nap. At 6 or 7 I give her dinner and again walk for pee and poop. Last walk of the day is around 10pm or 11pm, basically before bed.

She usually is asleep around 9 pm for a while. I try to do some quick trainings like twice a day.

As you can see we take her down at least 6 times a day until we master potty training, it is true that most of this walks are kinda quick, but at least I try that twice a day I take her to play with her ball and run, or play with some doggie friends she has that makes her run even more or go to a nice park near home for a longer walk. So I wonder what am I doing wrong? Should all the walks be longer? Or should do more training to tire her mind, I don’t know really, my do and I would really like a few more hours of sleep. Also I’d like to mention that we are getting into summer here in Spain and ughh let me tell you that is a hell of a summer so I’m kinda starting to play longer with her at the last walk of the day and make the other walks a little shorter cause how hot it is and it’s gonna get worse.

Please I’d like some advise on what to do and what not to and sorry if I have any mistakes cause English is not my first lenguaje and also I’m writing from the phone.

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