Mini Schnauzer is shy toward strangers on walks, but aggressive at home

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He's a bit over a year old now, and I've been having trouble with getting him to be comfortable around visitors. When on walks, he's mostly okay with strangers as long as they don't suddenly stick their hands in his face (he also doesn't like Indians for some reason, but we've managed to get him to not bark his head off at least 70% of the time).

At home though, it's a different story. He barks and aggressively postures at literally anyone who comes remotely close to the house. We had some renovation done recently and he actually bit one of the worker's pant legs, though said worker didn't like dogs and was taking swings at him to keep him away to begin with. When my sister came over for a visit, it took two days to get him to settle down properly around her, and when she visited again a few months later, it was like he'd completely forgotten who she was.

Is there something else I should be doing to train him? It feels like him taking a proper bite out of someone is only a matter of time at this rate.

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