Mini Dachshund Destroying His Bed

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So, a few days ago my GF and I came home to find out little guy had torn a huge hole in the bottom of his bed and strewn stuffing ALL over his doggy area. Basically we just heavily scolded him for this and he took a timeout in his crate for 25 mins while I cleaned up the mess and patched his bed. (Because I still want him to have a cozy bed to sleep in)

Fast forward to just now and I come home and he’s done it again. This made me very angry so I scolded him again and I squirted him a bunch with the water bottle and back in the crate. I’m honestly not sure where to go from here. I don’t know what proper training techniques to use for something like this. The internet and books always give so many different bits of info so I don’t know the proper training. He’s a really really good boy usually. (he’s 1 year old)

One thing I feel I should note is that both times he did this he spent more time in his doggy area than he normally does because we weren’t home. Could this be frustrating him and he’s doing it out of frustration? He hasn’t been a dog that destroys things for the most part. He loves his toys and has only destroyed a few meaningless house items. We want to graduate him out of his doggy area so he can stay in the appt. all the time but this is making me feel bad about that idea. Any ideas are much appreciated. He’s very loved in our home and we want to do the right thing here. Also, ideally I’d like to keep the bed so he has somewhere to sleep at night.

Oh, and one more detail is that the bed used to be in the crate he he likes to pull it out into his area. After the first time he destroyed I’ve left the bed out because I thought maybe pulling it out of the crate accidentally ripped it, but no he’s doing this on purpose. He went through the duct tape (lol) and my stitching job to destroy it this time. Thanks!

TLDR: Dog has destroyed bed twice in the last few days. Where to go from here?

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