Midwalk Zoomies + Biting

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So my pup is about a year and half old and is a staffy/bull terrier. He's potty trained and knows basic dog training commands like sit, lay down, stay, look at me, etc. He's a pretty decent dog overall. However, whenever I take him on walks or even if I take him out to pee/poop he'll get zoomies and just act crazy. Like running around like a maniac and pulling on the leash and then bucking to try and get out of his collar/harness to run free. Now I don't mind letting him get the energy out for a minute but not only does he try jumping on me, he also tries to bite me if I try to restrain him or contain him. I've noticed he does this also if I tell him no / deter bad behavior. I'm unsure of what to do. Even when I let him get the energy out and I try to resume walking he'll be fine for a second and then start back up. I literally have to grab the back of his harness and hoist him up slightly for him to somewhat stop. I'm unsure of what the right way to go about training him or getting him to chill out. I mostly just want him to stop biting and scratching me.

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