Humankinds Reveal “Girly” Things They Love, Because Anything That Isn’t Sports Is “Girly” Apparently

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I’ve never been a big fan of announcing happens girly and not girly .

My dad is a straight buster, and to be honest, he’s my favorite person to do most girly occasions with.

Need someone to get a pedicure with? He’s my go-to person. Require someone to go shopping with? No one I’d rather affected the mall with him than him! Need someone to mash some with? Sorry BFFs, I’m watching with dad.

So, yeah, I didn’t quite is quite clear that any of those happenings were considered girly until I got to high school and some lame douches dubbed them so.

The whole happen girly vs. manly happen is stupid. If you like something, like it! Who cares if most of the other beings liking this thingare of a certain gender? NOBODY SHOULD CARE.

But, alas, we live in a strange nature where peoplecare. So guys simulate theyenjoy amazing, NORMAL stuffs like scented candles and pedicures.

In a recent Reddit thread, a group of people acknowledged all of the girly circumstances( AKA anything other than beer and sports) they privately love.

These guys affection scented candles because they smell yummy, DUH.

Scented Candles.

If I’m going to the mall, I’m reaching up that candle storage. Nothing more relaxing than taking a bathroom and illuminating an ocean breeze candle.

/ u/ Rainbowbloodunicorn


Once you find the right reek ones for your plaza that shit gets addictive and is a stylish channel to make sure your home doesn’t smell like buster 24/7

/ u/ theirisnetwork

Big fan of aromatic candles and soaps and stuff.

Also, I shave my legs as a cyclist, but I wholly understand the entreaty beyond the purely practical benefits.

/ u/ the_fragrant_vagrant

This guy love going pedicures because toes are gross, and they need to be maintained.

Pedicures seem like they’re likely stereotypically moderately girly, but serviceman they’re great.

/ u/ chazzlabs

These guys like yummy coffee drinks.

Starbucks is amazing.

/ u/ commonplaceperson

Coffee sips like Lattes, Mochas, etc. maybe they aren’t girly, but it’s certainly not as macho as BLACK COFFEE.


These people adoration watch because that depict regulations obviously.

Gilmore Girls.

/ u/ quest4 7484748

Even though I can’t say “Rory” to save my life, I fucking adore the Gilmore Girls.

/ u/ boyvsfood

I like Marina and the Diamonds and Gilmore Girls.

/ u/ fat-lobyte

This guy cherishes boozing Pink Moscato and bumping some Lana Del Rey because why the eff not?

Pink Moscato, Lana Del Rey

/ u/ TokKloo

This guy lives for bathtub rockets because why tolerate through a subpar bubble tub?

Bath Bombs. Good god if only someone told me ages ago how relaxing and good they smell.

/ u/ RockyTheRacoon9 3

These guy’s secretly affection the children’smovie because IT’S GOOD.

The movie Tangled is my all time favorite, especially the romance count in the last 3rd of the movie.

/ u/ poiuytrewq2 32

In fact, these people mostly enjoy any children’s movie or show because they’re ALL good.

I watch Princess Diaries at least once a month

/ u/ Lemonjello2 3

I really like the establish, “Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse.” It’s actually very funny.

/ u/ SkunkardDoug

Any Disney movie ever

/ u/ mcbootysauce1

Frozen is my all-time favorite movie.

/ u/ Eriflee

These people secretly like sitting to urinate because IT’S MORE COMFORTABLE.

Sometimes I sit to pee, especially in the morning when I’m tired and drousy.

/ u/ Everyones__Grudge

Sitting to pee.

No aiming, and no chance of leaving the seat up to get hollered at later.

/ u/ KhaosElement

This guy lives for nostalgic comedies because boysgirls can adore being in love.

Rom coms. I have construed mostly every good rom com in existence and a closed onu of bad ones too.

/ u/ thegreatsphenoid

This guy cherishes cozy, fluffy socks because they’re cozy AF.

Fluffy socks. The softer, the better.

/ u/ Zalminen

This guy likes a good, old-fashioned look disguise because sons can have large-scale pores, more !!!!

I just bought a Korean look mask today

Also, anthems in caricature movies. Do You Wanna Construct a Snowman was stuck in my head for so long after watching Frozen. I can also sing almost every Ghibli movie song in Japanese. I cherish that shit.

Domestic work, signaling me up. I affection cleaning, laundering, preparing snacks. I love making my living space clean and tidy. It’s extremely fulfilling work for me.

/ u/ kaze_ni_naru

These guys secretly like Taylor Swift because her music rocks whether or not you think she’s lame.

Any Taylor Swift lyric, facials( the ones you get at a spa, you perv) and puppies.

/ u/ Calfeinated

Taylor Swift

/ u/ Mr_Dr_Prof_Derp

This guy desires jig movies because literally how could you not?

The Step Up movies. And Dirty Dancing is one of my favorite movies.

/ u/ NameForASexTape

This guy listens to Miley Cyrus’ See You Again because anyone who knows a person can relate to that song.

The song See you Again by Miley Cyrus.

It’s rather of a guilty pleasure.

/ u/ BaconPancakes2 0

This guy loves yummy scented cream because who wants that unscented BS?

Scented lotion. Place some on your face after shaving and enjoy the smell of citrus( or whatever you prefer) all day long. Bonus: beings hugging/ caressing you really like it very.

Also Steel Magnolias. Chick flick but entertaining as blaze.

/ u/ KneeDeepThought

And this person affection stimulating paper buds to be honest, I’m not sure how many girls even do this?

I like obligating article blooms. Great for embellishing the house and gifts.

Makes passing flowers to your time more memorable too since its not very common.

/ u/ Decrith


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