Megyn Kelly Accidentally Ditched Her Dog On A Family Vacay!

Megyn Kelly had fairly the spring divulge!

On Monday’s episode of Megyn Kelly Today, the 47 -year-old host told onlookers a fib about her recent category vacay to Montana that was full of surprising astonishes!

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It all started when the correspondent, spouse Douglas Brunt, and their teenagers — Edward, 8, Yardley, 6, and Thatcher, 4 — thought they arrived at their “beautiful” villa, only to figure out it was the wrong home!

The former Fox News star echoed:

When they got to their actual end, they recognise they inadvertently left their dog Basha at the other villa!

Oh my! We’re precisely glad the puppy is safe and sound!

WATCH Megyn tell the crazy narrative( below )!

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