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I have a 9-month old Maltese poodle named Dahlia that is fantastic and I absolutely adore.

The weekend of 4/20 we were in our little downtown area with a farmers market and she consumed something that had THC in it while I wasn’t looking. We know this because we took her to the vet ER and she tested positive for THC. We were told obviously it’s not a positive for her but it’s not deadly unless consumed in very large quantities. They gave her an IV for fluids and a good night sleep at the vet and she was good in the morning.

At the beginning of September I noticed the same symptoms a couple hours after we finished a walk and we ended up taking her to the vet ER again. They had ran out of the test that day to say with 100% certainty that it was marijuana toxicity but they concluded it was based on her signs and symptoms.

Fast forward to this last weekend and I saw the same signs and symptoms once again. This was again a couple hours after her walk down a completely different path. This time I took care of her myself because the symptoms seemed more mild and she was back to herself though a little more sleepy the next day.

I’m fairly certain that the last two instances were marijuana toxicity though didn’t have it confirmed by a test. I’m not on my phone on the walks but paying attention to her and giving her a little leash to explore and smell as a trainer told me before that it’s positive for her and stimulates her brain. I haven’t seen her ever actually consume anything that jumps out to me as marijuana. Is there be another plant that if consumed has the same or similar effects on a dog as marijuana toxicity? I live in Northern California in the Bay Area. Every search I’ve done has only pointed at marijuana. The last thing I want to do is put something like a muzzle on my 15 lbs puppy as no one will want to associate with her ever again but I don’t want her to keep having this happen. Thanks.

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