Mariah Carey Reveals What She Wears Around The House And It’s Absurd

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It is positively mind-melting to grasp how we’ve been living life this long without a Mariah Carey reality show.

How did we know where to prepare our prima donna standards? This completely explains why there’s food on every last article of clothing I own.

We are a person of slobs who need to be taught to embraceour most glamorous individual existences.

Enter Mariah.

She’s been guiding by illustration for years, but her brand-new demonstrate, Mariah’s World, is here to confront us with some top-shelf diva living.

We ever expected Mariah lounged around the house in a glittery corset and satin, 4-inch heels, but Mariah’s World lets us see it with our own two peasant eyeballs.

Based on thispromoalone, our daughter Mimi is spreading true statement after true statement 😛 TAGEND

1. I’d rather see everything fun.
2. I simply need to know that everything is not going to be a piece of pup shit.
3. It’d be so cute to have puppies here.


She likewise speaks directly to camera in a non-interview setting. As in, mid-scene. Mariah only boldly recognise the camera, because, fuck it, there’s a camera in her face.

The show doesn’t premiere until December 4, which represents us feebs will have to go on living our most basic day-to-day sadism for a full eternity before MC swoops in to save us from ourselves, likely while wearing diamond-crusted butterfly wings.

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