Managing erratic behavior in campsites

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I have a 3 year old neutered male lab mix (he was a stray, I adopted him as a very young puppy). I take him on a lot of backpacking trips and he and he really enjoys them. Overall he's really well behaved while we are on the move, and just prances along with me. When we start setting up camp, he becomes a manic gremlin. He humps everything he can reach (mostly me, sometimes the air, sometimes other objects), obsessively tries to rip out vegetation, and throws himself at me. Sometimes he will hyper focus and bark at me, or lunge at my face. He will start zooming frantically and with little regard for sketchy terrain. Obviously just putting him back on the leash keeps him safe, although he still acts like a gremlin on the other end. Overall it looks like frustration behavior/overstimulation, but I can't quite point out the source. He will also do this on short, easy hikes almost as often as longer, harder ones so I don't think being over tired is the primary cause. He's pretty good at telling me he's tired and needs to rest on trail, so we do. As soon as I manage to get the tent up he goes straight in and settles down.

I'm trying to figure out what is going on in my dog's head and how to keep him calmer or at least figure out what is getting him so frustrated. He is in such a heightened/manic emotional state that our typical training routine does not really reach him under these circumstances.

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