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Gentleman charged with an offence stealing $1,600 dog, selling it for crack | Fox News

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( Fox 13)

Florida dominions are searching for a $1,600 Yorkshire terrier that they say a follower slip from a baby storage and sold for crack cocaine.

Largo police said video surveillance at the store All About Puppies proves a gentleman residence the dog down his shirt and leaving. A tip-off conducted sleuths to 38 -year-old Wayne Junior Barfield, who was arrested Friday and charged with magnificent theft.

The release says Barfield transactions the dog for cranny and cash in St. Petersburg. It’s not clear where the dog is now. Police say Barfield wouldn’t “re just telling me” who he sold it to.

The Yorkie is microchipped, and veterinarians will be alerted to the dog’s status.

All About Puppies is offering a $1,000 reinforce for its return.

Barfield was being held on more than $ 5,000 bail.

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