Mama’s Stealing Puppy’s Love

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Okay everyone, first time official puppy owner here! Woo!

Alright, so what’s the problem you might ask? Well, my partner and I recently adopted an 8 week old Australian Shepherd and we’re definitely over the moon! However, I jokingly told him a couple months ago during our search that when we get a dog he needs to be prepared for him/her adoring me above anyone else. I was mostly joking but admittedly, I’m a kind of an animal magnet.

Our cat prefers me over him and it’s been a long time laughing point between us but I could tell it always bothered him. Over the years I’ve made enemies (not literally) with human friends over their pups and felines choosing me to snuggle up with. I am not complaining about this but my partner is very upset because our puppy only has eyes for me and I want to make sure to share the love!

He was in a decade long relationship that ended a couple years before we got together and they had a dog that preferred her to him and he always wanted one that loved him just as much. When we were planning to get a puppy it was supposed to be our dog, not mine nor his. And I’m not sure how to help the situation.

He is understandably getting agitated that our puppy chases me, snuggles with me, and cries if I leave the room- even with Partner there to play with. I have never been a dog owner and training is something we are actively researching but I cannot find anything about this.

Any suggestions? I’d be happy to answer any questions as well!

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