Mali Separation anxiety?

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Hi All,

I have a 11 month male Mali. He is super social and engages with dogs and people, as I have put in effort since he was little to expose him to different people, dogs and places- nothing forced and every time in a positive way.

He is a confidant dog, very playful and curious of his surroundings. I am his only companion in house as I live alone with him and no other animals.

I do a lot of physical activity with him as well as mental stimulation, every day, for a few hours on and off.

My concern is that when I am with friends or family and I leave the room that he is in (even when he is playing with others) he immediately starts to bark or goes looking for me, ignoring the other people or dogs. This usually goes on for a few minutes, he calms down, but others says that he sometimes acts a little aloof afterwards.

He does not do this during my daily routine at home- as I leave for work or go out etc.

He does not do any damage at home when I am at work, nor is there constant/ excessive barking (according to my neighbours), or any symptoms of canine separation anxiety- that I think this is…

Any advice?

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