Male dog won’t get down to business during the last ‘out’ of the night. And then there’s crying in the morning.

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Context: We adopted an 8 year old male dog about 6 months ago. We have a small yard without a fence so he is always walked on a leash. He usually gets a 3 or 4 multi block walks over the course of the day, with some additional quick trips to the yard as needed if he requests.

When we first adopted him (and for the following 2 months at least) when we went out to the yard right before bed he would pick an appealing bush and fully empty his bladder. And then most mornings when I started getting out of bed it would cue an elaborate (and adorable) stretching ritual from him. And after I brushed my teeth we'd happily and in a relaxed manner go on a walk together. It was lovely.

Not sure what happened. I guess he's gotten used to longer walks during the day (on which he marks more than peeing to pee). But now when we go out later at night he'll pee a teeny bit on a bush in the yard. If we walk around the yard we can maybe get him to pee a teeny bit on another bush or two. Maybe. Then the next morning as soon as one of us stirs or there's a noise outside he's crying to go out and getting progressively more frantic as I quickly brush my teeth and put on weather appropriate clothing.

I might have just accepted this as the reality of having a dog (particularly a male dog), but those blissful couple months showed me there could be a better way!

Any thoughts on how to get back to that? Don't get me wrong, I'd like my extra half hour or so of sleep back, but he seems miserable in the morning too and I just don't understand why he stopped emptying the tank when he knows he's going to bed. We have a fairly discernable night time routine, so he should know.

We've cracked a few times and walked a block or so at night. But that's not a daily commitment I want to make for the household humans, it doesn't really seem to help when we have done it, and he tends to be very tired in the evenings anyway.

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