Lyft profits on #DeleteUber sentiments with anti-Trump letter

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Image: Lyft

While the #DeleteUber hashtag continues to gather steam on social media, Lyft is taking on Donald Trump’s Muslim ban directly and maybe picking up some brand-new customers in the process.

The ride-sharing company and Uber competitor addressed the political minefield in an email to customers, bearing the designation “Defending Our Values.” The seam account from co-founders Logan Green and John Zimmer demonstrations Trump’s contentious executive ordering in strong terms.

“Banning beings of a specific sect or sect, hasten or identity, virility or ethnicity from registering the U.S. is antithetical to both Lyft’s and the nation’s core values, ” the email speak. “We stand firmly against these actions, and will not remain silent on matters that threaten the principles contained in our community.”

The email also promises tangible war: over the next four years, Lyft will donate$ 1 million to the American Civil Liberties Union.

“We know this directly impacts many of our community members, their own families, and friends. We digest with you, and are donating $1,000, 000 over the next four years to the ACLU to protect our physique, ” the email continues.

“We ask that you continue to be there for one another and together, resume testifying the capability of community.”

Image: Lyft

Lyft’s message stands in contrast to Uber’s own response to Trump’s recently signed immigration policy. While Uber has committed to financially compensating affected drivers for three months out of a four-month prohibition other any steps had garnered criticism.

In the same internal memoranda addressing operator compensation, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick also mentioned that he’d work to communicate grievances over the immigration banning in a Friday, Feb. 3 gather at the Trump White House. Numerous was of the opinion that as an exceedingly friendly posture toward an administration that has been roundly criticised for its unconstitutional actions.

Uber is also taking fire for its acts on Saturday, when protesters mobbed into airports around the country in response to the immigration ban. Just a duet hours after the NY Taxi Workers Alliance called for a one-hour work stoppage at John F. Kennedy International Airport, Uber shut down upsurge pricing but continued to service the airport.

This led pundits to deplore the ride-sharing company’s “strike-breaker” action, and introduced into the birth of the #DeleteUber hashtag.

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