‘Lucky’ Puppy Exists After Swallowing 8-Inch Knife Whole

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Macie the puppy is lucky to be alive after she withdrew a chefs knife.

Frightening X-rays show how the 8-inch utensil became firmly lodged inside the 12 -week-old Staffordshire bull terriers stomach, bowels and gullet after she absorbed it at her home in Glasgow, Scotland, three weeks ago.

The dogs owner, Irene Paisley, told me that she initially didnt realize what was wrong with her pup when it began vomiting and then choking.

PDSA Veterinarian Emily Ronald play-act lifesaving surgery on Macie. They are painted with the bayonet that the dog immersed.

I was panicked, Paisley enunciated Tuesday, adding that blood eventually shot out of the swine nose.

She rushed Macie to thePeoples Dispensary for Sick Animals( PDSA) emergency out-of-hours veterinarian assistance. Veterinarians X-rayed the dog, detected the blade and play-act emergency surgery to remove it.

Ive never seen an X-ray like Macies, veterinarian Emily Ronald read. She was extremely luck to exist. Her state of grace was that she withdrew the handle-end first the blade-end is certainly have penetrated her organs, likely causing lethal injuries.

PDSA X-rays show how the spear became lodged from Macie’s gullet, through her belly and in her bowels.

Paisley said she had no idea how her domesticated had gotten prop of the bayonet.

She could have pinched it out of the dishwasher, but no one experienced what happened, the mom of four said in a statement.

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