Love for same-sex marriage, nightlife and puppies at the ARIAs

Flume, Troe Sivan and Montaigne on the red carpet at Australia’s 30 th ARIA gives .
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At the ARIAs, Australia’s answer to the Grammys, musicians spoke out in favour of wedding equality, nightlife and puppies. And the crowd absolutely loved it.

Kicking off the evening’s outstanding credence orators was activist Angie Greene, who accepted the honor for Best Female Artist on behalf of the mysterious endowment powerhouse Sia.

Sia cast Greene, the founder of an organisation that promotes awareness for gender inequality in athletic, to accept the honor with a strong meaning for the marriage equality movement in Australia.

Australia is the last abiding developed, English-speaking country in “the worlds” that has not formed same-sex wedding law, and Greene’s impassioned terms had the crowd acclaiming and encouraging more rapturously than any of the music behaves that graced the same stage.

“This award is for every single non-hetero and gender diverse person who currently cannot marry the person or persons they desire in its own country … Bottom line Australia, is that no ones’ lives, and the person or persons they desire, should be up for dispute. You have the opportunity now not to simply do a great thought but to do the privilege thing.”

Greene wrapped up the lecture with her own small memorandum of grateful to “absolute boss” Sia for using the ARIAs platform to send such a “powerful and important message.”

Youtube success story Troye Sivan took the honor for Apple’s Song of the Time for “Youth.”

On trend with the messages of acceptance, Sivan spoke of his love for his home country and his sadness that wedding equality was a still a divisive issue.

“Australia is such a progressive, open, inclusive, safe country and I’m so glad to be from here … It simply sucks that same-sex marriage isn’t represented politically, ” he said.

The heart-throb also expended his stage time to encourage the next generation of artists, pronouncing “every gay Australian kid who wants to go construct music, every LGBTQ kid, you can totally do it and triumph an ARIA too.”

Queen of dad Kylie Minogue also made a surprise appearance to endorse the wedding equality shift, taking to the stage with her fianc Joshua Sasse.

The pair, donning “Say I Do Down Under” T-shirts, made an appeal to the considering public to put Australia “on the right side of history, ” adding “this is more than just a movement, this is people’s lives.”

The acceptance speeches abode political when farmer and master-of-dance-tracks-that-make-you-wet-your-pants-with-glee Flume took to the stage.

Flume expended his acceptance lecture for Best Dance Release as an appeal to country politicians to consider the impact the controversial Sydney late-night lockouts on taverns and societies has had on a formerly thriving local music scene.

“I want to give a big thank you to the venues, especially the smaller venues … because that’s what’s going shut down. To our policy makers and politicians, delight continue Sydney open, ” Flume called over the cheers of support from the crowd.

Flume n the slightly soggy red carpet, arriving at the 30 th ARIA awards.

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Indie pop singer Montaigne expended her credence lecture for Breakthrough Artist to quote her French philosopher namesake, but was so devastated by her win that she sort of, well, substance it up, albeit quite adorably.

The ARIA winner followed up with a series of red-faced and pretty cute tweets trying to explain the fumble.

Necklaces being clearly last-place season, Montaigne’s dcolletage was adorned with the words “People Over Profit, ” commenting on the restrictive quality of the lockout laws suffocating the arts industry.

“If you’re going to prioritise the casinoes and residential development and all that bullshit, over the art panorama that we have surely at the least you can strike the right balance, ” Montaigne said.

Montaigne arrived at the gives with her sympathies on her chest.

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We are contractually obliged to mention that Troye Sivan was also in attendance, perfectly eliminating middles by being more cute than a golden retriever puppy at Christmas

Troye Sivan A.K.A internet darling and the articulation of hundreds of thousands of angels.

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U.K. sovereign of the dad comeback, Robbie Williams, was in attendance, looking like that person who took you to your prom but turned up belatedly and hooked up with your best friend.

Peace, enjoy, and optical illusion blazers?

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And Aussie band Peking Duk testified Australians genuinely do red carpet better than anywhere in “the worlds”, introducing puppies as their “dates”.

Puppies> gives TBH.

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