Lots of trouble with dog lately.

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WARNING: Rambling, incoherent wall of text incoming!

The past few months, I've been having a very tough time getting any training done with my dog. He's about a year old, Catahoula mix. He's got a few basic commands down pat (sit, stay, lay down,) but he struggles with any command when there is any distraction at all.

If we are outside in the yard, he seems to lose any training he previously had and it becomes a real bear to wrangle him back into the house. Unfortunately, it ends up with me yelling to get him to come to me and he lowers his head and mopes into the house (which I absolutely hate doing).

He has seemingly lost all interest in any rewards that used to be useful for his training. It's like nothing is motivational for him. Toys, treats, pets. Nothing really works and I can't really keep his attention long enough to do anything useful.

For a while he was doing really well. We initially had a big problem with him counter surfing but got it under control. Now he jumps up when he's right next to us or the second we turn around. He's jumping up on people again. I'm really the only person he doesn't jump up on.

The second I let him out of his crate, he just barrels through the house and jumps on stuff and knocks stuff over.

I can't let him out of my sight in the house because the second eyesight is broken, he does whatever he can to get somewhere he's not supposed to go.

I'm terribly afraid of having a "bad" dog. And I'm doing everything(i think) I can to train him, but he just doesn't seem interested. It's like I've completely hit a brick wall with him. And it's been super stressful because I know how good he can be.

I know the obvious answer would probably be to take him to an outside place to assist with training, but I just don't have the money for private sessions anywhere right now. Rates are really high around here for that type of thing.

I really apologize if this is rambling and sporadic but I'm trying to get all my thoughts in the best place possible. Any help would be possible. Even a starting point. I feel like I might need to go back to step one and just start all over with him. I guess I'm just kind of lost right now and don't know what to do.

Thanks Everyone.

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