Loose-leash behind instead of next to?

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I’ve taught my pup to be fairly decent at loose-leash walking. She’s a 75 lbs 14 month puppy, and this was my goal from 8 weeks!

She’s great, she walks to my left and is fairly good at checking in. Occasionally she’ll forget to check and hits the end of the leash by drifting forward, but quickly corrects herself. She’s great!!

That being said, I think it’s unreasonable to expect her to be perfect for an entire 30 minute walk, but I wonder if she’s positioned more behind me by default, that would help her drifting forward and not checking in?

(EDIT: I let her “go sniff” often to let her break from the constant loose-leash, so I’m not trying to keep her in the loose-leash position the whole time).

It might still be the fact that she’s forgotten to check, and even if I’m in her peripheral view she won’t stay, but I have a feeling it could help a little. Sometimes when she drifts I’ll make a sound, slightly flip the leash, or kick my foot out so she can see it, and it snaps her out of it, so I’m thinking this could help.

What do you guys think is best for loose-leash positioning? Should I start changing her to stay back? I’m sure it’ll be messy especially because this behavior has been taught since 8 weeks old, but we’ll figure it out. Just don’t know if it’s worth pushing for. I’d love to get your thoughts!

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