Looking for tips to help my rescue pup overcome his fearful behaviors.

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Hello, I posted awhile back with a 3-4 year old Beagle mix rescue male dog who has been exhibiting some fearful behaviors and resource guarding. He is very friendly (even snuggles) with my wife, and follows her around the house.

He has come a long way with his outlook on me. He originally would side eye me and growl at me if he was laying down from a 5ft or closer distance on average if I were to approach. This would occur while both laying in our bed or on a couch with or without my wife being around. I have used several tips I have read here such as approaching him with a treat, very slowly. I also implemented a Off command and he is now responding to getting up and off the bed if i approach with the treat, even without voice command. I can still tell he is fearful of me sometimes, as if he is uncertain if I may harm him or perhaps move him from his spot. If I am slow with my movements, he will sometimes relax, let out a sigh and show me his belly and even want to play.

I have included myself in his daily care such as walking/food/water and attention. I also make sure to greet him with my wife when she gets home from work and show him ample time of us together to get him used to that. If he is not laying down, he is relatively happy and calm around me and does not exhibit fear or resource guarding behaviors. I can tell that progress has been made as he lets me get much closer before he may exhibit fear and resource guarding behaviors.

He is extremely treat motivated but only interested in toys in a protective manner. He carries them around and seems alarmed and cries if you were to squeak any of his squeaky toys, seemingly as if you are hurting it?

Are there other behaviors I can work on with him to try to alleviate his fear of me?

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