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We brought home our now almost 13 week old golden retriever puppy, Harlow, about three weeks ago.

First couple nights in the crate went as expected. Little whines and up multiple times for potty breaks. I slept on the tile floor a couple nights so she’d fall asleep. Her crate was placed in the living room and entry way. I wanted it there originally because of the tile flooring and a quick exit and you’re outside to potty. Never did I let her out when whining to reinforce bad behavior. I always make her sit before opening and leashing her. I would play music softly for some white noise. It’s also covered and cozy inside.

Two nights ago, I don’t know what happened but it was nonstop barking. All. Night. Long. Let her out for boring potty breaks when she calmed down and a little water and back to bed and barking we went. I was at my absolute wits end. I’ve been the one taking her out every night, multiple times, with the exception of a couple times.

Boyfriend and I figured, why not try moving her kennel in the bedroom next to my side of the bed. I covered everything but my side so she could see me. Went in on command willingly with a treat, whimpered twice and laid down, and slept ALL NIGHT LONG!!! First time! Dog mom win 👍🏻

I feel rejuvenated and have a little hope. If others are struggling, you’re puppy will get there.

TLDR; puppy slept all night after moving crate from living room to bedroom. Hooray!

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