Little Girl Controls Pit Bull Dogs | Future Dog Trainer

This little lady is in some way able to control a significant team of pit bull pet dogs! While she preps their dinner, the canines wait patiently for her command …
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31 thoughts on “Little Girl Controls Pit Bull Dogs | Future Dog Trainer

    1. nickool1977

      +matyviola actually humans are animals to. you compare an animal living in
      the wild were insticts of survive rules with dogs that have been
      domesticated many many years ago. you need to chill out a little bit
      because all i get from your comments is rage and for sure you need to see a

    2. nickool1977

      i saw that now so i comment now. you like faggots or what? or is it that
      you cant accept the fact that you like men?

  1. JukinVideo

    Contrary to popular belief, pitbulls are actually pretty awesome dogs and
    incredibly loyal/well-trained with the right owner. ANY animal has
    potential to attack because nature but this is a pretty awesome video. 

  2. BlueBerryMuffin

    Wow! I love pitbulls, they are so misunderstood. Cesar Milan should totally
    watch this! He would be so impressed…I know I am!

  3. Alpha Drake

    Awesome job! My pit bull is my most obedient dog I have ever had. When I
    had a beagle on the other hand, that little guy was very stubborn. Loved
    them all regardless.

  4. Andrew Freeman

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    have discovered my dog training remarkable. I have been well equipped with
    the techniques that I have to use in training my dog and I had a great time
    learning it. Thanks Dan.”*

  5. Angelo Fifield

    *”Doggy Dan is great, he not only teaches you how to train your dog, but he
    also brings you to see things the way dogs do.[Details Here === *
    *** ]
    Ocne you come to this point where you see things the way dogs do, every
    other thing easily falls into place. This literarily saves you and your do
    from any pain or irritating feelings.”*

  6. Henning Malland

    Every animal can be dangerous it depends on strength and bite force how
    much damage they can inflict.
    Owning a dog means always a risk the dog can attack out of nowhere. That
    does not happen very often i had several encounters with german shep and i
    fear them. I had not one agressive encounter with Pittbulls or staff’s.
    I had a girlf friend and we were looking for a dog her. We met a
    pittbull/staff mix it was a she the dog was very kind and i felt so good as
    never before in my live.
    The dog walked next to me and pulledwas very energetic but so sweet. When
    we were on the way tom my car dog was ready to come with us and tried to
    get into the car…
    she was not even looking back to the owners…
    Unfortn we did NOT take the dog with us the girlfriend is long gone the
    only i regret i have is that i was not able to have these dog at my home..
    Sounds a bit crazy it is if you are in love with these animal. I see them
    very often i keep my distance because i do not know them and their owner
    but that is the only thing..
    for me they are not fighting machine they are great animals which will go
    through fire for you.. :)

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