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I have a litter of 8 English Springer Spaniel x Border Collie. Even split 4 boys 4 girls who will be 4 weeks old on monday. The mum (ESS) was doing everything fantastically. This changed Thursday when we had to make an emergency trip to the vet. She had infected mammory glands(?) And is now unable to feed her pups due to the antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication she's now on.

They're currently feeding about 4-5 times a day a mixture of puppy supplement milk with puppy food mixed in until it's soft.

My question really relates to cleaning the pups. They all feed out of a big bowl to get them used to sharing food for future homes, but quite often they will go in head first. They're also rolling around in poop due to their age they're still "shitting where they are eating" So to speak. They don't go toilet where they sleep but everywhere else is fair game.

I've tried reading up abou5 bathing but every article seems to be about when you get your pup for your home, not having to hand rear. Would it be ok to bathe them daily? We've been putting them in a shallow bath (only so it covers their feet) and letting them run around for a bit, but worried about washing oils from their fur. We're also using puppy wipes to wipe their fur down. Just wondering if there's much more we can do

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