Lion Cub And Otter Are The Animal Kingdom’s Newest Unusual BFFs

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This lion cub and otter couldn’t be any more different.

But people do say that opposites captivate, and they’ve apparently become fast acquaintances at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami, Florida.

Video disappearing viral shown in the curious otter approaching the cute puppy, who’s tangled up in a covering.

After free-spoken itself from the textile, the feline embarks playfully stalking its brand-new buddy who repeatedly leaps out of the style in what appears to develop into an impromptu tournament of tag.

“This video is way too cute, ” the foundation wrote on Facebook Sunday.

While the video is surely cute, the personally owned arrangement that posted it has been criticized for its maintenance rehearses .

PETA reported in March that the business had been cited seven occasions for transgressing the federal Animal Welfare Act . Animal aid groups also widely condemn the petting and handling of big cat cub in confinement, something the foundation allows.

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