Level of biting seems abnormal, would love advice

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My mom and I adopted a puppy a little over two weeks ago. She’s now about 14 weeks, unsure of exact age. She’s a mutt but definitely has Pit in her. She has a lot of great qualities, she’s super smart and receptive to the clicker, really quick learner, when she’s mellow she’s really affectionate and sweet, and she loves her crate. She also mostly does well our older dog and cat (annoys them in a pretty standard puppy way).

The only real issue we have is with her biting us. We know a certain level of biting is super normal, and sometimes that’s all it is, nipping at fingers or play biting. But a few times a day she gets really intense. It doesn’t seem dominant or like she’s trying to hurt us, she doesn’t growl or snarl, it just kind of feels like overstimulation or fixation or something. She’ll usually start biting hard at my arm or leg and I try to distract with a toy or get her to sit with a treat, but she just gets fixated on the biting and tries to bite whatever part of me she can get to. I make noise, ignore her, distract her, but the behavior isn’t changing. We’ve watched many videos on it and have some info sheets we got from the shelter but nothing we try seems to work. We are getting concerned if we don’t figure this out soon it will become a habit and not just puppy behavior. Sometimes it seems like it correlates with her being over tired? She also was fixed 6 days ago, so I know that could be adding to her being agitated. We reached out to a trainer in our area but haven’t heard back yet, would really really appreciate some tips if anyone else has dealt with this behavior.

It feels really heartbreaking because she’s so great the rest of the time but then I find myself getting fearful, which I know isn’t healthy. And she has picked up on everything else so so quickly!

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