Leaving puppy at home?

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Usually on a school day, i wake up around 6.30 and feed my staffy pup, fill his water up and take him outside to do his business. He then comes inside the laundry and basically stays there til about 1, which is when my mum has her break. She comes home and takes him out and feeds him. On a good day he stays outside with his bed, toys and water (he has shelter). Problem is, my mum has gone overseas and im living with my dad for the next 2 weeks. He goes to work very early so i need to catch the bus to school in the mornings. My dad isnt able to come home at all til afterschool with me. My question here is, what can i do about my puppy while we are away for so long. He has the option to stay in the laundry because the backyard isnt fully closed off. But i dont know what i can do about him going toilet. I can lay pee pads on the floor, but im afraid he wont use it and hold it in. And what about feeding? Does he need to have a meal during that time or can it wait til afterschool. My school starts this coming monday so its still holidays right now. Just want to be prepared by the time school starts. Thanks

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