Leaving our baby at home for the first time — the guilt and (unnecessary?) worry is overbearing!

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We have a beautiful, dare I say perfect 10-month old Australian Shepherd who we brought home into our closet-sized Washington, DC area apartment last November. After a rough start and some run-ins with the miserable work-from-home neighbor below us, we decided to try out doggy daycare. That ended up being a win-win-win for everyone, and though I only planned on keeping our pup in daycare for a couple of months, she loved it so much I decided to bite the bullet and just keep with it.

Well, we heard from daycare today that they found a papilloma wart in her mouth. Understandably, she can't go to daycare for a while for the safety of the other pups. So I've scrambled and am working to meet with some dog walkers to get us through this short-term. But I think, more than anything, this is the perfect opportunity for us to "rip the bandaid off" and have her stay at home. I think she's ready. I'm just not sure I am.

We routinely go out on the weekends for dinner and keep her crated or baby-gated in the kitchen for several hours at a time, and a few weeks back we were out at a friend's wedding and she pulled 9 hours in the crate like it was nothing. As I write this, she absolutely loves her crate. She's hanging out inside it now with the door wide open. But the thought of walking out the door tomorrow without her just kills me. Is she going to hate us for taking her out of daycare? Isn't this place going to become just mind-numbingly boring to her? Is she going to be bouncing off the walls with pent-up energy the moment I get home and burn this entire apartment to the ground?

Like I said, I think she's ready. I think I'm ready. But man, I haven't been able to focus all day I'm so worried.

I know, I know. Wait until we start having kids. That's what my parents keep saying.

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