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So everything has been super easy with my 9 week old rough collie. Too easy. Sure, he still cries about being left in the other room, but he’s getting better. His shark teeth suck, but he’s learning not to do it. He forgets to ask to go out to pee, but he’s making great strides. He’s getting better every day.

Except with the leash.

I’m doing positive reinforcement only, so treating him for walking next to me. We walked off property down our dirt road so he could smell some of the stuff and he went BONKERS. like, pulling and thrashing on the end of his leash and screaming and barking and eye rolling! I feel like I’m tortuung him. I don’t yank, I just stand calmly and wait for him to settle but he gets so frustrated

I have to walk him on leash in the yard to go pee because it’s not fenced, and he gets confused between when he’s in his long lead (playing ball, chase, etc) or a short one, and suddenly he wants to are off running for fun zooms and gets yanked. He’s on a harness fwiw. I try to keep him on the long lead in the yard, but he gets tangled up in stuff and I end up having to stick pretty close to him anyway.

Any tips? I’m trying to teach him early that pulling does not get him what he wants, but he gets SO frustrated by it and completely shuts his brain off to me once he realizes I’m being firm.

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