Leash biting, but only with one human

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Our 6.5 month Sheepadoodle is doing great, all things considered! Super happy about quarantine and social distancing, because that of course means more time with his humans and more pets at home.

However, he's started to pick up a weird behavior that I'm not sure how to fix. Recently, when humom tried walking him on her own, he turned into a jerk – biting the leash, biting humom, laying down in the middle of the trail/sidewalk, etc. I (dad) have experienced this occasionally, but its usually in very small doses and he alms down after a few seconds. Humom says he basically never calmed down in the 15-20 minutes they were outside.

So, I'm not sure if its teenager behavior, behavior because its only Humom and dad isn't there too (we almost always do a longer family walk after humom and dad are done with work), or what. Any ideas are greatly appreciated on a) what this is, and b) how to train this to avoid such behavior.

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