Leash anxiety?

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Hi all – I had to create a new username this evening because I cannot remember my password, but thank you all for taking a second and reading this!

We adopted a sweet 4 year old Dachshund / Poodle mix boy almost three weeks ago who is smart as hell, walks amazing on a leash by himself and alongside his brother; our other older rescue that we’ve had for a few years now.

However, absolutely terrified of letting us clip a leash onto his collar.

He rarely will let us get close enough to put a leash on him without us having to bribe him with several treats and using our other dog as an example / jealousy bribe for love and affection. There are no other obvious signs of anxiety about our behavior from him, we can feed him treats, meals, brush him, bathe him, take him on long enjoyable walks, cuddle in bed, etc. But, when it comes time to go outside, we are skunked. (We live in a condo with a concrete patio so we need to put him on a leash to take him outside.)

Any tips or tricks to use to help him grow more comfortable and more confident? Has anyone else ever encountered this problem?

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